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A number of years ago we began saving rare and wonderful varieties of vegetables before they were lost forever. We continue to grow those out and make seed available. In addition, we have begun to contribute new varieties with great vigor, disease resistance and increased nutrition. As a working farm, everything we offer is market-tested, the most productive, flavorful and intriquing garden vegetablesyou can grow. Seed is grown organically, collected by hand, processed and packaged here.

Domestic orders are sent by first class package in a padded mailer. Shipping is free for most types of seed. International orders are sent by first class international mail. Paypal is preferred, but you may send a check or money order. All seed is early or late harvest, which should insure about 95% purity. There may be the occasional crossed seed.  Let us know if seed is not true to type.  'Bagged' (b) means at or near 100% purity. Germination should be better than 90%>

We will not touch GMO, which we consider a travesty of nature.

A free packet to trial is included with each order.